Advantages of a SpencerWorks™ Window

Patent-pending, concealed storm window.

You might not think there is enough space for a concealed storm window, but SpencerWorks’ patent-pending design makes it all possible. No additional modifications to your existing windows are required.

Convenient from top to bottom.

Easy-tab locks make this storm window a snap to open and close. This tight, rattle-free window glides along a durable pile weather stripping, locking the weather out and keeping your house quiet and comfortable.

Beauty. Strength. Durability.

Every SpencerWorks window is handcrafted to preserve the beauty and elegance of traditional architecture. Experience the benefits of our traditional mortise and tenon joinery year after year. In fact, our concealed storm window track actually improves torsional stability and overall rigidity.

Experience perfect alignment.

Every SpencerWorks window is measured for precise alignment and built to exacting specifications. The result is a tight, efficient fit and clear view from every direction.